Installation view of “borrowed space_borrowed time”

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蔡⽒這⼀次繪畫城市物象,更像在描繪空氣與物件的碰撞,像在晦暝的天陰⽇,看⾒有光。「⼭⽔總是在提醒著⼈是渺⼩的」,居⾼的建築物、龐然的⽣物、巨⼤的⼈,這些不僅是對照,也是藝術家的⼼境投射。如果畫作是盛載著無數個「借來的空間、借來的時間」的「(再)載體」, 蔡⽒這次除了拼湊不同景物,也試圖從時空的虛實、不協調、不由⾃主,在過隙期間嘗試修復、尋找彼此的縫合點。

Amidst the urban imagery, Choi intends to depict how the object attempted to collide with the negative space but in vain. It is like searching for light over the overcast sky. While the landscape often reminds us how insignificant we are, the high-rise buildings, the enormous creature, the giant… these objects not only contrasted but also projected the artist’s state of mind. If a painting is a carrier of infinite borrowed space and time, Choi is attempting to reconnect the gap between the real and the unreal, the indescribable space and time with the light of hope, and her army of urban imagery.


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