A site-specific project commissioned by The Luk Hoi Tong Life Assurance Co. Ltd., installed at the Lobby of 29 Austin.

Tales of Austin  


Acyclic and mixed media on recycled floor timber

90cm (H) X 420cm (W)


Scroll down and click on the image below to explore the Tales in Austin!

Located at the heart of the bustling Kowloon peninsula, 29 Austin sits at the intersection of several dichotomies: geographically between the east and west sides of the Jordan district, geologically between the natural landmass and reclamation, and historically between the old storied neighborhood and the adjacent new high speed rail station and West Kowloon Cultural District. Tales of Austin presents both a physical landscape and imaginary timescape: weaving together 17 tales alluding to the past and future of this rich urban area, and further tales beyond unbounded by the viewer’s imagination.

Behind the Scene

The wooden floor timber were reused, crafted into wooden panels by local wood craftsman. The artist took part in the finishing and then the surface was ready for the Tales of Austin.