Finalist of The 2024 Sovereign Asian Art Prize
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Acrylic on teak floorboard
91.2 x 44.3cm

Currently Showing:

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Art Basel 2024, Booth 1C03, Grotto Fine Art:

Detail of Aurora, 2024, acrylic on wood, 151.5X60.4cm

‘Landscape as Metaphor: Contemporary Voices’, Alisan Fine Arts, New York

27 Feb to 27 April 2024

Pop goes the soda can is currently showing together with Chu Chu, Lam Tung Pang, Kelly Wang and Yang Yongliang in ‘Landscape as Metaphor: Contemporary Voices’

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Pop goes the soda can, 2024, acrylic on wood, 91.4X60.9cm


Selected Exhibitions from 2023 to 2024:

Shifting Fields: Contemporary Chinese Painting, Stanford Art Gallery, curated by Xie Xiao Ze.

30 Jan to 15 March 2024

Three Pieces from the series ‘Here and there’ are scattered to another continent, together with the painting of reclaimed wood. The exhibition space is special and relevant for the pieces which used the reclaimed wood from the church in Hong Kong.

Installation images by Damon Andrew Casarez

Artwork images by South Ho


Like Water Like Shadow, Sonic-visual interplay, Hong Kong New Music Ensembles, Curated by John Batter and Joyce Tang, 17 to 21 Jan, 2024

Like Water Like Shadow
Single-channel digital video (8mins 2sec)
carousel slide projector (80 collaged vintage slides), lamp of shadow

The installation was composed of three intertwined parts, each moving at its own pace. Through the captivating music of ‘Like Water’ by Bun-Ching Lam from 1997, the audience’s attention was guided and connected. Their gaze was drawn to an experimental stop-motion projection, while getting lost in the nostalgic beats and a collection of 80 vintage Hong Kong slides displayed through a carousel slide projector. The presence of the ‘lamp of shadow’ brought a sense of real-life experience, evoking feelings of both longing and intimacy. It reminded us of the passage of time and the fleeting nature of light.

Credit List:
Video footages: South Ho
Video Editing and production: Bouie Choi
Soundtrack: Movement 7 from ‘Like Water’, Bun-Ching Lam, 1997


We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars, pf 25, Basel, Switzerland,

13/6 – 30/6/2023

We stay up late to behold the behold the beauty of the stars

A solo exhibition of Bouie Choi, curated by Angelika Li

Installation shots by Maris Mezulis