cloud gathers, with light

91.4cm (L)x 45.7 CM (W) x3.5cm (D)

Acrylic on re-crafted hard wood floor


I love to work on wood. They are organic, living, glowing and most importantly bearable to my multiple application and removal of paints – creating layers of “time” and space with the defined and undefined images of urban landscape. 

Before I starts painting on the wood, I would prepare the surface and finishing while bearing in mind these beliefs: to keep its natural beauty, to follow its natural physicality and to give a second life to the seemingly useless materials. 

In this painting, the wooden floor timber were reused and crafted into “canvas”. The natural “glow” from the timber works hand in hand with the acrylic paints to create a stage for the happening in an urban landscape. With delicate use of ink-wash-like acrylic paint, this work continues my fascination with urban landscape  – between surrealistic and realistic, vulnerable and Invincible, the defined and undefined.