溫存 Holding On

Video Performance and remains



我喜愛菊花。 我以我的身體作為一台處理器,將花 轉化,及吸收。 最後,我將花與身體互動後的形態收藏好。

外在環境將女性消磨, 而我把花兒的絲毫也保存了。

I love daisy.
Being a woman, i feel the force of surroundings,
wearing away oneself bit by bit and dust by dust.
In this work, I would like to preserve the flower i love.
I kept eating daisies for few days. It is as if my body works as a machine, interacting with the flower and its parts,
processing them and absorbing the very essence of them. I kept the feces carefully in a music box so as to preserve the last remains of the daisy i love.